Thursday 2nd July 2015

It is slightly cooler today than it was yesterday, although still fairly humid.

Oh my daughter was such a joy this morning, like me she is not a morning person, but normally she is talkative, oh no not today, when asked the simple questions of what would you like for breakfast? Are you ok this morning? etc, I was met with grunts.

I do admit yesterday was a long and tiring day for her, as she had her induction day at her new school and then we were back up there in the evening for a couple of hours, on the hottest day ever, so I do understand. But I am tired and hot and bothered as well!!!!!!!

We had strops and throwing things around and just general grumpiness. I was grateful when it was time to drop her at school.  I bet her teacher has a lovely day with her, and lets hope she comes home in a slightly better mood.

She came home in a much better mood and was smiling. But surely it is not just my child who can’t remember what happened 5 minutes ago or just shrugs their shoulders and then gets annoyed when you ask them a question again, as I can not hear a shrug

Oh well tomorrow is another day.



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