Friday 3rd July 2015

Today started well (well it is Friday after all), we had a very stress morning, until just as we were leaving for school, my daughters teacher rang to speak to me which made us late, but traffic was being kind.

One of the positive points of having a child in year 6, is that you no longer have to go along to the school fairs, I could just send her off with our donations, and money for her to spend and I will just pick her up when she is ready.

As a treat I am being domesticated and have made a loaf of bread, I do love the smell of bread cooking.

Not much to report at the moment, as no dramas today which is lovely for me, but boring for you.

I will update later as I am sure there will be much more to say


Thursday 2nd July 2015

It is slightly cooler today than it was yesterday, although still fairly humid.

Oh my daughter was such a joy this morning, like me she is not a morning person, but normally she is talkative, oh no not today, when asked the simple questions of what would you like for breakfast? Are you ok this morning? etc, I was met with grunts.

I do admit yesterday was a long and tiring day for her, as she had her induction day at her new school and then we were back up there in the evening for a couple of hours, on the hottest day ever, so I do understand. But I am tired and hot and bothered as well!!!!!!!

We had strops and throwing things around and just general grumpiness. I was grateful when it was time to drop her at school.  I bet her teacher has a lovely day with her, and lets hope she comes home in a slightly better mood.

She came home in a much better mood and was smiling. But surely it is not just my child who can’t remember what happened 5 minutes ago or just shrugs their shoulders and then gets annoyed when you ask them a question again, as I can not hear a shrug

Oh well tomorrow is another day.