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You may have noticed I haven’t been posting on here

we have moved and you can find us at

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Hello world!

Hello Everyone

This is my very first blogging post so please be kind to me.  Let me start by introducing myself.

I am  Sam, a 40 something mum to a pre teen who is 11 going on 16, and a stepmum to a 20 year old and 17 year.

We are just going through the stage of transferring to secondary school with my daughter, all very exciting and nerve wracking in one go.

My blog is going to be about the ups and downs, the tears and the joy of my journey at coping with my baby growing up and moving from her safe little primary school to her new adventure and beyond in her new school.

I hope you will find this entertaining and interesting and it may help some of you cope with the same trauma (yes it is a trauma as I want to keep her my baby), although I am loving watching her grow.